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600 Denier Canopy
600 Denier Canopy
(with Full Digital Printing)
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10'x10' Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
10'x10' Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
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Free Premium Carrying Case
Free Premium Carrying Case
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Rope & Stake Kit
Rope & Stake Kit
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Premium Services at No Additional Charge

One Day Rush Production
1-Day Rush Production
Premium Services at No Additional Charge
One Day Rush Production
Free Design Help from a Professional Graphic Designer
It's pretty simple. Order your tent today and it will ship out the next business day, ensuring you get your custom tent on time for your upcoming event. No additional charges and no hidden fees.
One Day Rush Production
Full Color Digital Printing
Need help creating a design for your tent? No problem. Receive help from a professional graphic designer to create the perfect pop up tent. And the best part? It's entirely free. Learn More.

3 Ways to Design Your Custom Pop Up Tent


What Are Custom Pop Up Tents?

A custom pop up tent is a 10’x10’ shelter consisting of a custom-printed polyester canopy and a 1.6” thick aluminum frame. The aluminum frame easily expands and retracts, allowing quick and simple setup. The canopy rests on the top of the frame, providing shade and highly visible brand exposure. Any custom image or graphic can be printed onto the canopy, making it a great solution for advertising your business or organization. Your pop up tent can also come with additional accessories, including a premium carrying case, rope & stake kit, and set of four sandbags.

Custom pop up tents can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are most commonly used at trade shows, marketing events, sporting events, arts and crafts shows, and festivals. They also work great as sales booths. See the image in this section for tent terminology and definitions.

Tent Canopy

The tent canopy is the portion of the tent that rests on top of the tent frame. It is made of a 600 denier polyester material and is waterproof and UV/weather resistant.


The peaks are the triangular portions running up the side of the tent canopy. These are mainly used to display logos or custom graphics. There are four peaks, each of which are printable surfaces.


The valences are the rectangular portions running alongside the bottom of the tent canopy. These are mainly used to display websites, phone numbers, or other information. There are four valences, each of which are printable surfaces.

Tent Frame

The tent frame is the backbone of the tent, providing the tent’s structure and size. It is made of 1.6” (40mm) aluminum and includes telescopic legs that allow you to adjust the height of the tent.

Downloadable Pop Up Tent Template

Looking to design your pop up tent using your own design software? Great! Get started by downloading one of the product templates below (available in the .eps file format) to make sure the design you create matches up with your pop up tent's size, shape and bleed requirements. Once you've created your design you can then jump onto our online design tool and upload your completed design file.
Pop Up Tent Downloadable Template

Tent Canopy Features

  • Full Color Digital Printing

    Any design, graphic, or combination of colors can be printed onto your tent canopy. Your design will be printed on each side of the tent, allowing for full 360 degree branding.

  • 600 Denier Polyester Material

    Each tent canopy is made with durable 600 denier polyester. This high quality material is not easily scratched or torn and will ensure a long life for your tent.

  • Reinforced Strips

    You can choose between either black or white reinforced strips to be sewn into the seams of your canopy, providing additional strength and extending its lifespan.

  • Weather Resistant and Waterproof

    Designed for the outdoors, your tent canopy is coated to repel water, block out sunlight, and withstand the elements.

Tent Frame Features

Tent Frame
  • 1.6” (40mm) Heavy Duty Aluminum

    The frame of your tent is made with 1.6” aluminum, providing durability while being light enough to carry around with ease.

  • Adjustable Crank

    The interior crank allows you to adjust the top of the tent, helping you to straighten out the attached canopy.

  • Telescopic Legs

    Easily switch between four different heights for your tent. It’s as simple as push, slide, and click.

  • Easy Setup and Takedown

    The frame of your tent has been engineered to incorporate a folding mechanism that allows it to be set up and taken down in one straight motion. See setup instructions for more information.

  • Stabilizing Footplates

    Foot plates are welded to the bottom of each tent leg, providing additional stability and giving you the option of securing your tent to the ground with metal stakes*. *included with order

Tent Accessories

Premium Carrying Case

(free with tent purchase)

Rubber wheels and multiple handles for easy transportation

Compartment to carry hardware & accessories

Easily holds tent frame & canopy

Rope & Stake Kit

(free with tent purchase)

Includes four 8” stakes that can be inserted into footplates on tent legs

Includes four 11.5’ nylon ropes to help hold the tent down in windy weather

Kit carrying case helps keep track of pieces

Sandbags (4 piece set)

(available for purchase)

Each bag holds up to 19 lbs of sand

Keeps your tent in place during windy weather

Easy to fill and attach to tent legs

Tent Frame

  • Weight:

    43 lbs

  • Size:

    120"w x 120"d x 124.5"h (smallest)

  • Thickness:

    120"w x 120"d x 137"h (largest)

  • Details:

    1.6" (40mm) aluminum

  • Uses:

    Expandable and retractable, telescopic legs, interior crank, welded footplates, easy setup and take down

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    Indoor/Outdoor. Trade shows, marketing events, sales booths, sporting events, business events, fairs, festivals

  • Weight:

    1-3 years* (see FAQ for lifespan details)

  • Size:

    8 lbs

  • Thickness:

    120"w x 120"d x 82"h (smallest)

  • Details:

    600 denier/ 6oz polyester

  • Uses:

    Waterproof, UV resistant, weather resistant, scratch resistant, easily attaches to tent frame using velcro

  • Print Method:

    Indoor/Outdoor. Trade shows, marketing events, sales booths, sporting events, business events, fairs, festivals

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    Four color process dye sublimation, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant ink

Set Up Your Tent In Less Than 5 Minutes

Setting up your custom event tent is a very simple and straightforward process. However, please use the following instructions to ensure proper setup. While it is possible to set up your tent alone, we recommend using at least two people for optimal results. If you would like to keep a copy of setup instructions with your tent, you are able to download and print the setup instructions PDF here.

Display of Brief Setup Process
Remove the tent frame from the carrying case and stand it upright.

Slightly expand the tent to the point where you can grab ahold of the interior bars. Utilizing two people, stand across from each other and begin to expand the tent by holding onto the center of the hardware while stepping back. Be sure to avoid the scissor sections of the frame as it unfolds, as it may become a pinching hazard. Continue expanding until the tent is about 5 feet wide.

Place the canopy on top of the frame, aligning the corners and using the Velcro to fasten the canopy to the frame.

Each person will then grab a tent leg, lift, and step backwards to continue expanding the tent. Alternate between legs until the tent has expanded to the full 10 feet. When the tent is fully expanded you will be able to lock it into place by sliding up the locking mechanism at the top of each leg until it clicks into place.

Next, you will need to tighten the tent canopy. Do so by rotating the crank in the center of the tent counterclockwise (when looking down at the crank, clockwise if you are looking up at it). Continue rotating until the center pole has reached its maximum height, making the canopy tight.

Now raise the tent by stepping on one of the footplates and raising the leg of the tent until you hear it click into place. Repeat this process on all four legs of the tent ensuring all four legs click into an equivalent height setting.

You may adjust the height of the tent by pressing down on the red switch on the leg’s locking mechanism and sliding up or down until the leg clicks into place. There are four different height settings for your tent.

Download or Print Pop Up Tent Setup Instructions PDF


If you need to clean your tent canopy we recommend using warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush. Do not machine wash the canopy. As for the tent frame, you can use a damp cleaning cloth to remove dirt and scuff marks. Yellow Towel

When taking down the tent, start by lowering each tent leg to the lowest height by pressing in the red switch in the middle of each leg and pushing all the way down. Next, press the red switch on the top of each leg and push down. This will unlock the tent. Start retracting the tent by using two people to lift up opposing legs and take steps forward. Once the tent is about five feet wide stop retracting and remove the canopy from the frame. Once the canopy is removed, continue to retract the tent frame until it is fully collapsed.

Store the tent frame and canopy in an area that is dry and room temperature. Do not keep the canopy on the tent frame when storing, as this may cause snags or tears.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Chat with us, contact us, or give us a call at 1-888-222-4929. We’re here to help!


Do you offer pop up tents in other sizes?

At this time, the only size we offer for our custom pop up tents is 10' x 10'. This is the industry standard size for a pop up tent and is ideal for trade shows, marketing events, sporting events, or any other indoor or outdoor event where you wish to establish a branded presence. When assembled, the tent is 10' wide, 10' deep, and can range from 10.38' - 11.42" tall (depending on tent crank and leg adjustment).

Is this tent tall enough to stand in?

Yes. The comfort of standing in these tents obviously varies according to the height of the person, but even at the lowest height setting this tent will comfortably accommodate most people. If you wish to have more room between you and the roof of the tent, simply increase the height of the tent by extending each of the telescopic legs to any one of the four height settings.

Do you offer any other styles of tents?

At this time, we do not offer any other styles of custom tents or pop up tents.

What material is the tent canopy made out of?

The tent canopy is made of a durable 600 denier polyester material. This material is weather resistant, water proof, and scratch resistant. Reinforced strips are sewn into each seam at no extra charge, preventing tears and greatly increasing the lifespan of the canopy. Your custom graphic will be printed directly onto this material using an advanced dye sublimation printing method.

How durable is the tent frame? What type of metal is it made out of?

The tent frame is made from heavy duty 1.6" (40mm) aluminum metal designed to withstand repeated use in outdoor applications. At the bottom of each leg is a welded foot plate made to provide added stability. The interior lattice of the frame provides additional strength and support to the tent and allows a simple setup and takedown.

How much does the tent weigh?

The tent frame weighs 43 lbs and the tent canopy weighs 8 lbs, making the weight of a fully assembled tent 51 lbs.

What are the reinforced strips on the tent canopy?

The reinforced strips are strips of durable fabric sewn into the seams along the edges of the pop up tent. These strips are offered in either black or white, and are meant to provide added strength and lifespan to your tent canopy without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. The color you choose to have your reinforced strips in will be the same color used for thread on the edges of the canopy.

Is this tent weather resistant and waterproof?

Knowing pop up tents are mainly used at outdoor events, we have been sure to make our pop up tents as weather resistant and waterproof as possible. The coated 600 denier canopy has been designed to repel water/moisture and will not fade when exposed to sunlight. The tent frame, made of 1.6" (40mm) aluminum, will be able to withstand windy conditions with the use of ropes and ground stakes (included in order) and leg sandbags (available for purchase). If you are experiencing inclement or severe weather with high-speed winds, we do recommend taking down the tent to avoid any damage. Further, if retractable banners are purchased as a separate but related product they are not suitable for anything but calm conditions and nice weather.

How do I stop my tent from blowing over in the wind?

Pop up tents have a tendency of catching wind. In order to keep your tent secure and in place during windy weather, we recommend using the ropes and ground stakes included in your order to fasten your custom tent to the ground. If you want the ensure the security of your tent during windy weather, we also recommend applying the set of four sandbags to the legs of your tent (available for purchase with order). Each sandbag wraps around one leg and can hold up to 19 pounds of sand. This adds 76 pounds of stability to your tent if all four sandbags are used.

Is this tent flameproof?

Your custom pop up tent is not flameproof nor flame retardant.

How much shade does the pop up tent provide? Is light able to pass through the material?

When assembled, your custom tent will provide shade from the sun for the area directly under the tent canopy. The amount of light that passes through the canopy depends on what colors you use in your canopy design. Dark colors (such as black) will keep more light out than light colors (such as white). Regardless of color, the tent should allow little to no light to pass through given its thick material.

What are valences and peaks?

Valences and peaks are the different sections of the tent canopy. There are four valence sections and four peak sections. Valences are the rectangular portions located at the bottom of the canopy. These are generally used to display business names, website addresses, phone numbers, or other vital information. Peaks are the triangular portions of the canopy. These are generally used to display business logos and other visual graphics.

How long will it take for me to receive my tent?

As long as you submit your order by 9PM EST, your custom pop up tent will be produced that same day and will ship out the very next business day. This 1-day turn time is the fastest in the industry and is available to you at no additional charge. Once your tent ships out, it all depends on which shipping method you choose for how fast it gets to you. This means that, if needed, you could order a custom tent and have it at your doorstep two days later (by selecting FedEx overnight shipping).

Can you ship to the hotel of my trade show?

Yes. If you plan on doing this, we recommend shipping directly to the hotel and including your name (and room number, if possible) on the shipping information. We also recommend notifying the hotel that you are expecting a large package, just so they will be aware and will know what to do once they receive your tent.

Design & Production

Can you custom print the tent canopy?

Definitely. We offer full color digital printing for your tent canopy at no additional charge. Our advanced printers use edge-to-edge printing, giving you the option to cover your entire tent with any custom graphic.

What design requirements are there for uploading files?

Due to the large size of custom pop up tents, several artwork requirements must be met when uploading custom files and graphics. We strongly recommend using vector artwork (ai, eps, svg, pdf), as this will allow your design to be printed at the size needed without losing any quality. Other file formats accepted include jpeg/jpg, png, gif, bmp, and tiff/tif. Please be sure to have the color mode of your files be set to RGB with a resolution of at least 150 dpi (300+ dpi preferred). We also ask that you flatten all images and outline all text contained within your files. You can download the pop up tent design template to help you with your custom design. If you have any questions about this or need assistance with uploading your design file, feel free to take advantage of our free design services.

How do I design my custom tent?

There are three options you have when it comes to designing your custom tent. The first option is to use our free design services. The first thing you will need to do is fill out a free design services request form. This form will allow you to specify what you need and how you would like it to look. Once you have filled out the form, you will be personally contacted by one of our professional graphic designers within one business day. They will then work with you one-on-one to create the perfect design for your 10’x10’ tent. The second option you have is to upload your own custom design. To do so, we recommend starting by downloading the custom pop up tent design template. Once you have downloaded the template, you can add your custom design to the template and then upload the file to our website. When uploading your file, please be sure to follow all artwork requirements. The third option is to design your custom pop up tent using our online design tool. This will allow you to add text, change fonts, adjust colors, upload images, and so much more directly on our website.

Can I use different artwork for each side of the tent?

At this time, we only allow one design to be applied to all four sides of the tent. You can create this design by using our free design services, online design tool, or by downloading the design template and uploading it yourself.

What type of printing process do you use?

Your custom design will be digitally printed at a high resolution (720 x 720) using an advanced dye-sublimation process. This process involves having your design digitally printed in reverse on heat transfer paper, followed by both the paper and tent canopy going through a heat transfer machine that acts like a large iron. This transfers the image from the paper directly to the tent material, essentially dyeing your design into the canopy material. This results in a vibrant, high-quality graphic that will withstand rain, sunshine, and other outdoor elements.

Do you print in full color? Does it cost more to use more than one color?

Your custom pop up tent will be printed in full color at no additional charge. This means you can add any amount of colors to your design without having the price change.

Will the printing fade over time?

Your custom design will be printed with high quality ink in an advanced dye sublimation process. Generally speaking, the ink used for your design will not fade when exposed to sunlight or other elements. As time goes on, however, there may be slight fading in the graphic simply due to natural causes.

Components & Accessories

What comes with a standard pop up tent order?

Each pop up tent order includes 1 custom full color tent canopy, 1 10' x10' aluminum tent frame, 1 free premium carrying case, and 1 set of ropes and ground stakes. Once you have completed your order it will be produced the same day and shipped out the next business day.

How do I order replacement parts or accessories

If you are in need of replacement parts or accessories, please contact us at (888) 222-4929 and we will help you place an order over the phone. Replacement parts and accessories we have available include tent canopies, premium carrying cases, rope and stake kits, and sandbag sets. Currently, we do not offer replacement tent frames. These tents are designed to withstand several years of outdoor use and should not regularly require replacement parts or accessories.

Can I include full walls, half walls, and other components with my tent?

At this time, we do not offer full walls, half walls, tent flags, or any other additional tent components. However, we do offer related products such as table throws, stretch table covers, and retractable banners that can be included with your order.

Do you offer discounts for ordering multiple tents together?

Yes! As long as your design remains the same for each tent, you can receive a quantity discount that lowers the price per tent. The more tents you order, the more you save. You can see a breakdown of our quantity discounts when designing your tent in our online design tool.

Can I order a replacement tent canopy?

Yes. If you need to order a replacement canopy, simply go through the same order process but select "None" in the Tent Frame option when designing your tent canopy in the online design tool.

Can I order a replacement tent frame?

At this time, we do not offer the option to order a replacement tent frame. However, if your tent frame arrives with any damage or defects please contact us at (888)222-4929 or support at signs dot com.

What accessories do you have available?

The pop up tent accessories available include the rope and stake kit, tent leg sandbags, and premium carrying case. The rope and stake kit and the premium carrying case are included for free with your order. If you wish to order the sandbags you may add them to your order for an additional charge.

How do the sandbags attach to the tent frame?

The sandbags attach to the frame of your tent using velcro straps. Simply fill up each bag with sand and wrap them around the bottom with each tent leg with the filled portion facing outward.

Can I use water in the sandbags?

We recommend using only sand when filling the sandbags. The bags are not waterproof and will not retain water.

How big is the premium bag? Does it fit the canopy, structure and accessories? Even sandbags?

The premium carrying case is 11" wide and 64" tall. It easily fits the tent frame in the main portion of the case and contains an additional graphics/accessories compartment that is large enough to fit the tent canopy. You may also use the compartment to carry your tent accessories, such as the rope and stake kit or unfilled sandbags.

Is the bag portable? Can I travel with it? Is it small enough that I can carry it onto a plane for my trade show?

The premium carrying bag is portable and has rubber wheels that allow you to easily transport your custom pop up tent. When filled with the tent frame, the bag is 64" tall and 11" wide, making it too large to be a carry on item when flying in a plane. We recommend checking in the carrying case with your airline when travelling via plane.

What can fit in the graphics/accessories compartment on the premium carrying case?

The graphics/accessories compartment can either hold one tent canopy or several tent accessories (rope & stake kit, unfilled sandbags, etc.).

Setup, Installation, & Care

How do I set up this tent?

Setup for your custom pop up tent is a simple and straightforward process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. We recommend setting up your tent with the assistance of at least one other person. Start by removing your tent frame from the shipping container or carrying case. Be sure to use caution when handling the tent frame, as the individual pieces of hardware can act like scissors while unfolding. Standing across from each other, begin to expand the tent frame by holding onto the center “V” formed by the connecting pieces of aluminum in the center of any given side, lifting the tent frame into the air, and taking steps backward. Do not expand the frame to its full size, stopping once it is roughly five feet wide. Next, place the tent canopy onto the frame, aligning the corners together and securing the canopy to the frame using the attached velcro. Once you have secured the canopy to the frame, you may continue to expand the tent by each person grabbing a tent leg and taking steps backward. Continue until the tent is extended to the full width of ten feet. You will know the tent is fully extended once the auto-sliders at the top of each leg are able to click into place. You may need to push up on them to help click them in. Once the tent is fully extended, you will need to raise the interior of the tent by cranking the handle in the center of the tent. If you are looking down at the handle, you will crank in a counterclockwise direction to raise and a clockwise direction to lower. Crank the handle until the interior stops rising and the canopy is tight. Now that the tent frame and interior have been fully extended, all that is left is to raise the legs. You can do so by standing on the footplate of any given tent leg and pushing up until the telescopic leg clicks into place. We recommend lifting at least two legs at the same time. Continue until all four legs have locked into place. Once the tent is assembled, you are able to adjust the height of the tent by pushing on the red switch on each leg and extending the leg to the desired height.

Can one person set up the tent? How long does it take?

While it is possible to set up this tent with only one person, it is not ideal to do so. Having at least one other person available to help will significantly decrease setup time and will make the process much easier. When using two people, tent setup should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

How does the tent canopy attach to the tent frame?

The tent canopy attaches to the tent frame using sewn-in Velcro strips on each of the four corners. This ensures a secure and snug fit. To remove the canopy from the frame, retract the frame width to approximately five feet and peel each canopy corner away from the attached velcro.

Can I adjust the height of the tent?

Yes. You are able to adjust your tent to four different heights using the telescopic legs. You can do this by pressing in the red switch on each tent leg and raising/lowering the leg until you hear it click into place. The lowest height setting will make your tent 10.38’ tall and the highest setting will make your tent 11.42’ tall. You can also adjust the interior height of the tent by cranking the handle located in the center of the tent.

How do I remove wrinkles from the Pop Up Tent canopy?

The best method for removing wrinkles from your custom tent canopy is to use a fabric steamer. Be sure to use caution when doing so and avoid pressing too hard or staying in one spot for too long. This may cause damage to either the printed ink or the canopy material. Do NOT machine wash the canopy or use an iron in an attempt to remove wrinkles. Nonetheless, most wrinkles will remove themselves when the tent is fully assembled, the canopy is taut and the heat of the sun helps warm the canopy.

How do I clean my pop up tent?

Do not machine wash your tent canopy. If you need to clean your tent canopy, you will need to hand wash it by using a soft brush, mild soap, and warm water. For cleaning the tent frame, you can use a damp cleaning cloth to remove dirt and scuff marks.

How do I take down the tent?

Taking down your custom pop up tent is just as easy as setting it up. Begin by pressing in the red switch at the top of each tent leg, disconnecting it from the locked-in position. Next, press in the red switch in the middle of each tent leg and lower the legs to the lowest possible height. With the assistance of another person, lift up opposing tent legs and take steps forward. This will begin to retract the tent. Once the tent is about five feet wide, remove the canopy from the frame by peeling away the corners from the attached velcro. Once the canopy is fully removed, continue to retract the tent until it is completely enclosed.

Can I leave the canopy on while I take down the tent?

The canopy will be attached while you begin to take down the tent, but you will need to remove the canopy before fully retracting the tent frame. We recommend removing the canopy once the frame is around five feet wide. Leaving the canopy on the frame when fully retracted may cause damage to the canopy. Use caution when removing the canopy so as to not snag or tear the material on any sharp edges.

Do you offer any warranty on the tent?

Currently we do not offer any official warranty on our custom pop up tents. We do, however, stand by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and will be sure to help you out if you receive a tent that is defective or incorrect in any way. If you notice any issues with your tent once you receive it, please contact us as soon as possible in order for us to get the issue taken care of.

How long will this tent last?

The longevity of your tent will largely depend on the frequency of use, weather conditions when in use, care taken, and storage practices used. We strongly recommend following proper care and storage practices to ensure a long life for your custom canopy tent. With proper use and care, most tents have a lifespan of 1-3 years.

How do you recommend storing the tent?

Store the tent frame in a fully retracted position in a location that is free from excessive heat or moisture. As for the tent canopy, fold it before storing to avoid excessive wrinkles. Keep the canopy in a dry area at room temperature. Do not store the canopy on or near sharp edges that may snag or tear the material inadvertently.