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Trade Show Signs

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Getting ready for a trade show, conference, or any other type of event can be stressful and chaotic. Not to mention the added pressure of getting all of your booth display and marketing materials designed, ordered, and shipped to you in time for the occasion. Let us help! Our easy to use design tool makes ordering your trade show signage simple, or you can let us take some of the hassle out of your trade show planning by helping you design your booth display and marketing materials with our free design services.

Our professional designers will work with you to make sure you get the perfect look for your company's booth, something the boss will be proud of. All of our trade show signs are produced the next business day after your order is placed and we will ship directly to your business or hotel so you can get your trade show signage where you need it. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident you'll have a trade show display that will impress your customers.

Booth Displays

Marketing Materials

Tension Fabric Displays

A tension fabric graphic that fits securely over an easy-assembled aluminum frame with a barely noticeable zippered bottom. A travel bag is included with each tension fabric display.

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Retractable Banners

Fabric or vinyl banner that pulls out of and retracts into a durable metal stand. A travel bag is included with every retractable banner.

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Step & Repeat Banners

Polyester fabric banner that is hung using top and bottom pole pockets on an adjustable plastic frame. A travel bag is included with every step and repeat banner.

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X Banners

The lightweight X-Stand frame can be set up in seconds and is used to display a 13oz vinyl banner. Perfect for attracting passersby into your booth!

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Table Throw

Get a custom table throw for your next event or trade show. Dye-sublimation printing on 8.8oz polyester gives your throw quality printing designed to last.

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Table Runners

Pair your table runner with one of our table throws or use it by itself to create the perfect table setup for your trade show booth.

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Tension Fabric Stands

Similar to Tension Fabric Displays, but at a smaller width, this tension fabric graphic fits over an aluminum frame to make a versatile and beautiful display for receptions, lobbies, and events.

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Business Cards

High-quality durable cardstock business cards available in a matte or glossy finish and a variety of run sizes.

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Premium cardstock postcards with digitally printed design in either a matte or glossy finish.

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Falconboard Signs

Half-inch thick honeycomb board perfect for engaging point of purchase displays, 3D props and more.

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Gatorboard Signs

Lightweight, durable display board that excels as signage or a display.

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Flexible, yet sturdy, cardstock posters that are easily hung or mounted.

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Foam Board

Ultra lightweight signs that are easily displayed within your booth.

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Why Trade Show Signs?

Easy Assembly
Easy Assembly
Simple assembly in a matter of minutes.
Completely Custom
Completely Custom
Multiple shapes and sizes to get the exact look you want.
Easy Shipping
Easy Shipping
Ship your signs to your business, event or hotel.


Free Design Services
Free Design Services
Let us help you design ther perfect sign.
Next Day Production
Next Day Production
Order Today. Ships Tomorrow.
100% Satisfaction
100% Satisfaction
You'll love it! We guarantee it!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Trade Show Signs FAQ

Where can I find more information on the specific trade show products?

We offer a number of trade show products for booth displays and marketing materials. For more information on each of these products please click on the “Learn More” button next to the specific product listed further up on this page.

How long does it take to produce my trade show displays and products?

Our daily cutoff time is 9pm EST. Your signs will print over night and ship the following business day. With overnight shipping you can have your trade show signage in hand in as little as two days.

Do all trade show products have to be placed indoors?

Most trade show events are held indoors. Although on occasion you may have a need for an outdoor booth display or sign. When this situation arises, most indoor products can be used in calm outdoor conditions. But any extended exterior use or severe weather can permanently damage signs intended to be used indoors. To learn more about the optimal setting for each product please visit the specific product page by clicking on the respective “Learn More” buttons above.

Is professional installation assistance offered when I purchase trade show signage?

Our trade show signs are user-friendly and don’t require any professional installation. In just a few simple steps for each product you’ll have your trade show booth display up in a matter of minutes. To find assembly instructions for a trade show product please visit the specific product page.

How do I care for and maintain my trade show products?

Each trade show product is unique and may require different care and maintenance than another. Typically, proper care consists of using them in the right setting and storing them in a safe place in between shows. Another common caution is to carefully store non-rigid displays so as not to snag, tear or rip them during storage. Doing so will ensure that your trade show signs and displays can be used for events for years to come. Please see the individual product pages for specific maintenance and care instructions on.

Can I customize my trade show sign?

All of our trade show signs and displays are customizable. Explore our wide variety of custom templates to create your perfect trade show display or upload your own design. If you’d like our help designing your trade show banner or displays, take advantage of our free design services. In addition to the design aspect of sign customization, there may be other product options and accessories depending on the specific product. To see if there are any additional accessories or options available please visit the product page for the specific product. These optional items can also be seen while you are designing your sign on our design tool. The options are located underneath the editing area.

Can I purchase different types of trade show products using the same design (i.e. table throw and tension fabric display with same design) in a single order?

We offer many different types of trade show signs and displays. All of these differ not just in end use but in shape and size. Therefore, while it is possible to use portions of your design for all your signs for a consistent look, shapes and sizes will most likely necessitate small design changes. In order to put your design on each product type you’ll be required to upload your design for each product type within our design tool. If you need help with these small tweaks based off the new or additional sign or display, please contact us for our free design services.

Can I use trade show products for other display and advertising purposes?

Although our trade show products are mainly used as trade show displays and booths, we’ve seen our customers use them in a number of other ways including weddings, receptions, reunions, farmer’s markets (assuming nice weather, etc.) and other personal events.

Do you offer any other custom trade show products beyond what is listed on this page?

We are always looking to add new trade show signage and products. If you are looking for a specific product that is not currently listed on this page please contact us. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of custom signs that aren’t specifically used for trade shows and aren’t shown on this page but may fit your other signage needs.

Can you ship my signs directly to my hotel? If so, what do I need to do to make this happen?

Yes! We are more than happy to ship your trade show signs directly to your hotel. Simply fill out the shipping information during checkout with your hotel information and have your trade show signage arrive at your hotel in time for your show or event.

Can you ship my signs and materials directly to the convention center? What about a 3rd party company that is affiliated with the convention center or location that is in charge of bringing in my supplies?

Yes! We can ship your trade show signs and materials to the convention center if they allow incoming shipments. Be sure to check with the convention center to make sure their policies allow for this and fill out the correct shipping information during checkout. We are able to ship to a 3rd party company provided you fill out the correct information for shipment during checkout as well. We’d also recommend you check with them to ensure that they accept incoming shipments.

Can you ship my signage on my company’s account?

We don’t currently offer the ability to ship your signage on your company’s account. This is true even if your company uses the same carrier as we do. If you have any questions about a large company order please contact us to discuss further.

I’m running behind, what is the fastest I can get my signs?

No need to worry! Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help you get your signs as soon as possible. We offer ground (3-5 business days), two day, and overnight shipping. Thus, the fastest you can get your signage is in two business days. This assumes you get your order in on a weekday before our daily cutoff and select the Overnight shipping option. For example, an order placed Tuesday at Noon would be printed that night, shipped Wednesday and arrive sometime Thursday. For each shipping type we offer a delivery window is indicated on the checkout page when you select which one you want. If you’re unsure of when your potential shipment will arrive please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 888-222-4929.!

Can my trade show signs and displays be used more than once?

With proper care and maintenance you should get more than a one time use from your trade show signage. For more information on how to care for your trade show materials please visit the specific product pages.The biggest dangers to your trade show products are outdoor weather, improper installation, high foot traffic, material snags, weight on products, improper storage, etc. Third party companies in charge of bringing in your signage to your booth at trade shows and shipping couriers can also sometimes be the culprit of damaged signs. Many of these potential dangers are completely avoidable and in your control. Using the signs indoors eliminates potential weather damage. Proper booth setup should ensure that no foot traffic inadvertently bumps or knocks over your signage. Careful disassembly and proper storage is the best way to avoid damaging fabric displays. Lastly, damage as a result of third party companies is typically protected or covered in some way. Thus, so long as care is taken and the signs are used properly you should never need to worry about any damage preventing you from using your signs or displays many times over the course of several years.

Will free shipping apply to my trade show signs?

Possibly! We currently offer free shipping in the continental United States on all orders over $99 with the exception of any order including rigid materials over three feet in any direction or any order that requires freight shipping. So it just depends on the size of the items you have in your order.

Will I need more than one person to set up my signage?

Depending on the size and how many products you have as part of your trade show setup you may need the help of additional people. Smaller displays and signs such as foamboard signs, retractable banners, x banners, tension fabric stands, table throws, table runners and the like can easily be set up by one person. Others, including bigger displays, like Tension Fabric Displays, Pop-Up Displays, and Step & Repeat Banners, can be done with one person but are definitely easier with 2 or more people involved in the setup and takedown.

Will my fabric signs wrinkle during shipping? Will they be damaged?

While they won’t be damaged from wrinkles, fabric signs may wrinkle during shipment. Wrinkles can easily be removed by using a fabric steamer you can find at your local home goods store. As with any package, if there is obvious and serious damage to your package when it arrives you can reject the shipment. We can then help you get new signs and address this with FedEx. There should not be any damage to your fabric display or sign in any way upon arriving. If there is, please contact us.

How large is a typical tradeshow booth?

Tradeshow booth sizes can vary tremendously depending on the show and the booth type. Premium booths that are open on all sides can be 30’x30 or bigger! With this huge size comes a huge cost for such premium real estate on the show’s floor. From our experience the standard trade show booth is 8’x8’ or 10’x10’ and almost always between 10’x10’ and 20’x20’. All three of our bigger displays that can be used for a back wall or backdrop have 8’ and 10’ wide options.

Do your signs fit a typical tradeshow booth?

All of our trade show products are designed to fit in a typical trade show booth setup. Some of our background displays are 10 feet wide and are the perfect solution for these settings. Nonetheless, while planning your tradeshow booth remember that you do not want so many signs that there is no space to operate within your booth; nor do you want to block the entrance to a booth so that it is closed off to those walking the show. If you need help planning out your booth don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do you have a recommendation of what I’d need for my entire booth?

The range of possibilities for setting up a trade show booth, even your standard 10’x10’ booth, is extremely wide. A great trade show setup will include a variety of booth products and marketing materials. You can start with a background display like a Tension Fabric Display and add smaller elements such a Retractable Banner or X-Stand Banner. We’d recommend that your backdrop or back wall be branded and convey your unique advantage or what your company does. The smaller retractable or x-stand banners can give more detail on a product or service you are selling. A table covered with a custom table throw and runner can include branded marketing materials like Business Cards or Postcards, flyers, swag items and even samples of your product. This combination of trade show signs should help your booth to look professional and communicate what is needed while not being overly crowded!

What are the poles made out of?

Poles for flags are made from fiberglass (angled, teardrop, feather) or aluminum (rectangle) to create strong yet lightweight pole sets.

Do you offer any three dimensional signage for booth displays or props?

We offer a couple different trade show products that give a 3D feel including our Pop-Up Displays and X-Stand Banners. Falconboard signs are also very commonly used to create amazingly creative three dimensional displays at both tradeshows and point of purchase locations. Please let us know if you are looking for a particular product that you are unable to find.

I will be using my flag in a very windy area, will it blow away?

Although we don’t recommend using it in very windy situations you can try and prevent your flag from blowing away by using a ground stake or cross base with a water bag to anchor the flag while in use. Your flag should be taken down in extreme weather conditions.

Do you offer any of the hanging signs made from fabric?

We don’t currently offer any hanging signs. Although we’ve had customers in the past use our Fabric Banners with grommets or pole pockets as a custom option to hang.

Do you do any modular displays?

We don’t currently offer any modular displays but we are always looking to add new products. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Do you offer any digital signage?

We don’t currently offer any digital or neon signage. We are constantly adding new products. If you have any questions please contact us.

Do you do any apparel or promotional items for booth swag?

yond business cards and postcards we don’t currently offer any promotional items or apparel that can be used as swag.

Why should I use you to print my signage needs rather than the show’s preferred vendor or the print?

The best answer to this question is the stress-free experience you’ll get by using Not only do we have a long track record of unmatched customer service but we have the awards to back it up! We literally have award-winning customer service. Simply put, you won’t find an easier online sign experience. Beyond this experience, we’re confident that we’ll have lower prices than the preferred vendor of the show and the on-site print shop. Both of these options have some serious costs to offset by paying to be the preferred vendor and having a store in an expensive location. We don’t have either of those costs! To top it all off, we offer next day production, free design services, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident in your trade show signage experience.

What happens if I ship my signage directly to my event and the signs arrive late?

We hope that this doesn’t happen and want to make sure you have the correct information before your product is ordered or arrives. All of our shipped products will arrive on weekdays, Monday through Friday. Please keep this in mind when ordering your products. For example, if your event begins on a Monday please order in time to have your product arrive on the previous Friday as they won’t be delivered during the weekend. Monday shipments will typically arrive with a time frame stating “End of Day”. This means your signs could arrive at 10am or 7 pm. This is standard operating procedure for almost all carriers and is out of our control. Thus, for a show starting on a Monday, we’d recommend having your order in before 9pm EST on the previous Wednesday as the very last point that you could order your signs and have them on time. With Overnight shipping you would then get them on Friday. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us and we will do our best to solve them.

Do you offer weekend deliveries?

We don’t currently offer weekend deliveries through our shipping partner.

What’s a run size? Do you offer low run-sizes for your small format marketing material?

A run size is the set quantity for a product ordered. Run sizes are typically used with small format items such as business cards, postcards and flyers. For all of our large format signage we can do any quantity without any restrictions on run size. For most of our smaller format items, the smallest run size is typically 100. Run sizes for each product can be seen on their respective product pages and our design tool.

Do you have a recommendation for a display board?

We offer multiple display boards including gatorboard, falconboard, and foam board. These boards make for excellent trade show signs due to their lightweight nature coupled with great portability and crisp printing. Though, beware that all of these signs are on the fragile side when it comes to the potential for damage to the sign. If you have any questions on a particular board for your trade show use please contact us.

Do you sell easels?

We don’t currently sell display easels but are always looking to add new accessories for our products.

The show I’m attending has height restrictions, will your advertising flags work? What about your backdrops?

Our advertising and business flags feature multiple shapes and sizes as do our backdrops. Our Step and Repeat banners are 8’ tall while the tension fabric displays and pop up displays are either 8’ or 10’ high. Our flags range from 18’ high (largest angled and feather flags) to 7’ high for our smallest teardrop banner. For standard booths there may or may not be height restrictions. These vary based on the location of the event but are often somewhere between 8’-12’. For some booths hanging signs that far surpass the standard 8’-12’ height restrictions may be allowed. These hanging signs and booths with no restrictions are typically premium booths and these height requirements are communicated up front. If there is no language in your contract about hanging overly large/tall signs it’s probably safe to assume that you are unable to do this. The easiest way to find out is to ask the sales rep or official show contact as to what is allowed for your booth.